God moves us to Edmonton

In Spring 2011, our little family saw many answers to prayer. Most of them were not in ways that we would have expected. One prayer was for direction-Duncan was graduating and his job coming to an end. We had heard about some opportunities in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but they seemed impossible because of timing and my job responsibilities. The last day of January, we spent some time over lunch praying for direction. It was becoming more and more critical to know. Well, that very afternoon, my boss took me into her office and gently and lovingly told me I was going to be laid off. My last day at work would be April 1, a whole month before graduation.

God used that closed door to help us realize we would be free to move outside of Greenville. As we pursued opportunities, the door to Edmonton really opened wide. In mid-March, we committed to serving as interns for 2 months of the summer at Meadowlands Baptist Church in Edmonton. If it seemed a good fit, we hoped to stay so that Duncan would being able to teach part-time at Foundation Baptist College, a small college at Meadowlands.

Another prayer that our gracious Savior answered in an unexpected way was our prayer for a child. We found out we were expecting on March 24-Bible Conference week and the day before Duncan´s birthday. Of all times to find out such exciting news, we didn´t expect it to be when we were both going to be unemployed and possibly moving across the country. But our hearts overflowed with joy at God´s goodness, and we stepped onto a path where we knew God was leading and would provide, protect and guide. We shared our news with our immediate family, and they were overjoyed. We called each family member and asked if they would mind becoming a [grandpa, aunt, uncle] in November. No one said “no” :).

After Duncan´s graduation on May 7, we said our goodbyes to Bob Jones University, Grace Baptist Church of Dacula, Mount Calvary Baptist Church, and my family in Newland, NC. We had decided to go ahead and pack up everything and ship it to Edmonton, trusting that the Lord would work and provide a job for Duncan.

The long drive went very well-we stopped frequently and had places to stay all along the way. I loved getting to see the Midwest and West. One highlight of our trip was visiting Truth Bible Church in Dickinson, ND. On June 13, we arrived at Bud and Debbie Talbert´s home where we would be staying for a few weeks. Duncan began his internship, and I was able to get plenty of rest.

Toward the end of July, Pastor Talbert told us about a 2-bedroom basement suite in a Christian family´s home that he heard about. We visited the suite, and everything seemed perfect-the location, size, cost, and availability. The only catch was that Duncan did not have a job. A monetary gift had been given to us that was the exact amount of the first month´s rent we needed to pay to reserve the apartment. Once again, we stepped out in faith and signed the rental lease.

In the meantime, we had enjoyed staying in 4 different families´ homes. It was a blessing to get to know folks in the church. Duncan was wrapping up the internship, and pursuing any job opportunities as we were able to find. By mid-August, we had not heard from any employer. Once again we were asking the Lord to provide for an increasingly critical need. On Monday, August 15, Duncan prayed in the pastors´ meeting specifically about hearing back from somewhere that week. We had also sent out a prayer letter asking for others to pray. Well, God answered again. On Wednesday, the IT department at Grant MacEwan University contacted Duncan about an interview, and on Friday, August 18, Duncan interviewed and was offered the job.

September flew by as Duncan started his job. Generous friends helped us move our belongings into our apartment in stages, and we moved into our apartment on Labour Day (Sept. 5). The church gave us a food pounding-filling our pantry. I loved being at home and working to make our place a home, including scouring the local postings for inexpensive furniture J. Duncan´s class, The Life of Christ, began and lecture preparations took much of his spare time. We entered the third trimester of pregnancy, I worked on a baby quilt, and we set the date of Oct. 15 for an “open house.”

The Lord took care of us so well! On Monday, October 24, God gave us Charisse Anne-a whole 5 weeks before her due date. You can read more about my pregnancy here, and the birth here.