Teaching Children about a Christian Worldview (#8)

What lenses do we use to look at moral, ethical, cultural, academic, or scientific questions? Children should learn about Creation, Fall and Redemption as lenses through which to look at our world.

First I need to talk about a book. My friend Mark wrote a really neat book. It’s a high school textbook, but so helpful for adults, too. It’s called Biblical Worldview: Creation, Fall, Redemption.

All of your prior knowledge of Scripture comes into play when teaching worldview. But this exercise in discernment can happen at the dinner table, as you “walk by the way,” and anytime you are wondering about what Scripture has to say about something.

One example is the concept of “Work.” Let’s start with Creation. How did God design work? Well, He made it to be Adam and Eve’s job to maintain the garden, to have dominion over all the earth (Genesis 1:28). It was good before the Fall. So what happened? With the Fall, work was cursed (Genesis 3:17-19). Work is now hard and laborious and a battle with thorns and thistles. Man’s heart now has laziness as a tendency. Many Proverbs would have something to say about this, right? What about Redemption? Well, we see Jesus applying His hands to work. We see Paul telling the Colossians ┬áto do work heartily as unto the Lord (Colossians 3:23, see also Ecclesiastes 9:10). Ultimately, the curse will be reversed in the new heavens and new earth.

This exercise challenges children to embrace God’s help to obey His commands to work hard and dilligently.