Resource Highlight: Mina Oglesby’s “Hey Kids, All Aboard!”

Our pastor’s family introduced us to this wonderful children’s CD. It’s called “Hey Kids, All Aboard!” by Mina Oglesby and is available here.

Children start the story by “climbing aboard” the Happy Train where the main character, Mrs. O, takes you on a tour of the train. Each car has a Bible verse over the door as you walk into it which the children learn. And there’s a discipleship theme for each car as well as a song.

The first car teaches you about having to have faith to reach God (Hebrews 11:1). You’re taught a delightful song called “Faith is the Key” that talks about how faith “opens the door to eternal life.” Another car teaches about being joyful in trying circumstances, and yet another about how love requires action, not just words.