Fiddleheads! a special spring blessing

I play and teach violin. But I also eat fiddleheads. Fiddlehead ferns, that is!

I first became acquainted with fiddleheads when I was in grade one. We lived in a little neighbourhood on the side of a hill in Edmundston, NB. My best friend and I would tromp through the few streets exploring. I would always get tan lines on my feet wearing little sailor shoes. One day in the spring I met a neighborhood girl who said she would take me to pick fiddleheads behind her house. She told me a yarn that you had to pick them and then throw away the curled up stem and keep the stalk! Naïvely, I believed her and proudly took a bucketful of useless stalks home to mom!

When I was a teenager in Gaspésie, every spring we would look forward to eating fiddlehead ferns. I think some folks in our church would bring them in. I remember one time going out into some wilder back-country and seeing the baby ferns just starting to poke up through the spring snow, and always close to a stream. My mom, the best cook in the world, would sautée them up and add a bit of soft white margarine and just a touch of vinegar.

Since we’ve been in Edmonton, I thought that eating fiddlehead ferns would be a thing of the past. My family has enjoyed obtaining fresh produce from The Organic Box for over 3 years now, off and on. What a joy it was one spring to discover some fiddleheads in my online box order!

Since I introduced them to my husband, he is now a fan, and even let me send some leftovers in his lunch the other day. When my Sweet Boy was born two years ago, a kind friend brought us a meal made with some farmer’s market produce. One side was fiddlehead ferns with corn and some sweet peppers. It was something like this recipe, but with corn, too. I’m glad Sweet Boy devoured the two fiddleheads I put on his plate last week :). He doesn’t always eat his greens so readily! I’m hoping to make serving fiddleheads an annual tradition—one of the many special blessings of spring!

This year the Organic Box is again offering fiddleheads which are sourced from BC and in a category called “wildcraft.” If you would like to try them out, be sure to check out Health Canada’s safe cooking recommendations.

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Fiddleheads photo credit: Wikimedia Commons/Ɱ (Licensed CC BY-SA 4.0)